Home of the Jobbr Documentation

Thank you for your interest on Jobbr, the .NET JobServer. Please head to the GitHub Organisation page on https://github.com/JobbrIO to find the main repo and extensions.

We created a super small set of articles to start with where you can learn how Jobbr will help you implementing background jobs more efficently and why we decided it’s time for an(other) embeddable JobServer in C#.

If you consider using Jobbr in your .NET Project please read the following chapters which cover the API that is provided for you as a developer. It also contains suggestions how to deal with certain requirements.

It might happen that some single feature is not covered by the current version. If you plan to extend Jobbr its important to know where and what the architectural decisions where in the past so that you can understand and align with them.

This section also convers how we release and how version bumps are made.